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Accordion Doors by Shutter Shack

"Accordion Doors Perfect for Residential or Commercial Openings"

Whether it’s a family room, a galley kitchen, or a closet in a college dorm, you just won’t find a better, more beautiful fit than a Shutter Shack Accordion Doors. Much less room-intrusive than bi-fold options, and also much more visually appealing, our space-saving residential series offers both one-sided and two-sided finishes. Our exclusive pin hinge hardware system ensures smooth and quiet operation. Every door is crafted and finished with uncompromised Shutter Shack quality, but we don’t stop there. We individually package each door in cartons or wood crates, ensuring everything possible is done to have all pieces arrive undamaged. Too much effort goes into the creation of our products to settle for less.

Accordion Doors
  • Panels 4-¼" wide by ¼" thick; available in Vinyl-Lam or Hardwood Veneer.

  • Panel Connectors Flexible vinyl, color-coordinated to panel selection.

  • Track 1-1/8" x 1" aluminum, dark bronze, or gold finish.

  • Wheels Nylon wheels on Lexan axle.

  • Stacking Space 1-¼" per foot, plus 7/8" for sweptwing handle.

  • 2 Available Styles & Pricing For our Residential Doors online, call for pricing on our Commercial Doors.

Accordion Doors Hardwood


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